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Welcome To Ajay Mathur Music

Ajay Mathur Music is a boutique publishing company. That's our main focus.
Ajay Mathur Music also offers additional services such as book publishing, music production and promotion.

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Ajay Mathur Music is the business of promotion and monetization of books and musical compositions. We ensure that writers receive royalties for their works. We also work to generate opportunities for those works to be published, performed and reproduced. This includes
- Synch Licensing
- Co-Writing
- Song Placements
- Direct and Hybrid Collection
- Works Registrations


Ajay Mathur Music makes sure that when recording a song or making a record, the end result is as good as it can be, by ensuring that a song is well produced and well recorded. That includes:
- Production Schedule and Budget
- Shaping the Music
- Performance Supervision
- Maintaining Work & Play Balance

Promotion & Distribution

Ajay Mathur Music assists in branding you as an artist and raising awareness for your music by helping to promote your music based on your artistic goals. Our activities:

  • define and develop your brand.

  • promote your music to your target audience on streaming platforms, publications and radio.

  • make sure that tastemakers, industry professionals, reviewers and influencers notice and talk about your music.

  • Distribute your physical and digital music worldwide through our Label and Distribution partners

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Get to Know Us

The Publishers

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Mary Lou von Wyl

Fiercely Independent Thinker, Author, Poet, Lyricist

Ajay Mathur

Music Entrepreneur, Singer-Songwriter, Producer

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